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Hi, I'm Suzanne Phillips.


I'm a Jesus follower, wife and mama, a teacher, a coach, a speaker, podcast host and an active learner.  I'm on a mission to change the culture our children are facing through families. 

I help parents leave their children an intentional legacy as they live out Gods design for their family.

It’s more than what you leave behind, it’s what you send forward. Legacy is NOW, in the every day moments.

“...Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well." - 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Hey there!

I'M Suzanne.

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Learner. Leader. Speaker. Coach.

Suzanne Phillips is a speaker, podcast host, visionary consultant, and parent and leadership coach with a passion for discipleship and intentional legacy. Suzanne is the founder of Beacon Parent with a mission to educate, equip and empower parents to live out God's design for family by shedding light on current culture through a biblical worldview. Watching the effects of current trends take root and impact students and families Suzanne felt prompted to launch The Informed Parent podcast to more directly speak about culture and its impact. 

Having co- founded and led two hybrid schools and a national ministry for moms much of Suzanne's speaking, teaching and parent coaching focuses on spiritual formation and educational options for families.

Suzanne is working on projects with THINQ Media and Giant Worldwide. She has been a contributor for Celebrate Kids Inc ,The Counter Culture Mom, Ignite the Family, Awaken Moms and No Left Turn in Education. She s currently a consultant for Freedom in Education.

Suzanne and her husband Lane live in Atlanta and have been married over 30 years. They have 3 grown children, a son and daughter in law and their first yummy grand baby!

Learn more about Suzanne’s passion to awaken parents and leaders to God’s intentional design for family and move them to action on behalf of the next generation. 

"It is an honor to sit under Suzanne’s teachings. She is full of practical life applications. Her wisdom and knowledge in the Spiritual Realm of life collides beautifully with the Secular/Cultural Realm. Suzanne is an amazing teacher and mentor, and I am grateful for her contagious courage that has been fuel to my fire in the fight for my family and children. I’m certain you too will be blessed by Suzanne’s teachings and trainings."

Ashley K. Guzman


"I have been beyond blessed to be apart of Suzanne’s moms Bible study and discipleship groups! I’ve never had anyone teach me things she’s taught or pour into me the way she has. She is such a wealth of knowledge and love! You can’t not grow and be stretched in the best way from her teaching and guidance. To know her and be under her leadership is to be blessed abundantly."

Erin Grubb

"I met Suzanne when I was just a few weeks away from giving birth to my first child. After our first meeting, which was a Bible study for moms with young kids, I knew that Suzanne had an anointing on her life to impart wisdom to other women, but most importantly, to other mamas. I felt like I could listen to Suzanne for hours on end - and nearly two years later, I still feel that way! Suzanne is concise, well spoken, and has practical wisdom for mamas who are in the trenches of child rearing. I find myself taking notes of what she says so that I can REMEMBER her words - they are that good! She is a mama bear for the next generation, and a fierce warrior for bettering the world for our children. She has a strong and confident demeanor about her, and if you know Suzanne, you know that's because she is fully surrendered to Jesus and led by The Holy Spirit. If you have an opportunity to sit under Suzanne's teachings, run, don't walk - your family will be impacted for generations to come because of what Suzanne has to offer."

Michelle Breen


You're not alone. This parenting journey is meant to be walked together.

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