Begin with the end in mind.   

Leaving a powerful legacy starts with having clear vision each and everyday for your family. In this course you'll learn exactly how to  build and establish vision, mission and core values that will drive your day to day decisions and shape your family the way God intended.


You can create a lasting legacy in your family.

You will learn step-by-step how to...

  • Get crystal clear on exactly where you want your family to go to in the future.
  • Establish the mission your family will accomplish together along the way.
  • Define the core values that will guide your decisions and priorities everyday
  • Learn to lead your family with this newfound vision

This is totally possible for your family.


Imagine what could be possible for your family if you had a clear vision of where you were going.

What's Included In The Course...

Lesson 1


 In this lesson you'll learn:

  • Why adopting a purposeful family identity is essential
  • Examples of identity statements your
  • Exercises and prompts to help you create your own!
Lesson 2


 In this lesson you'll learn:

  • How to think futuristically about your family
  • How to develop a legacy mind set
  • How to focus on the important so that you can manage the urgent with purpose
Lesson 3


In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • How to parent with purpose
  • Disciple your children with direction
  • how you can build and leave an intentional legacy 
  • To create a filter for decision making 
Lesson 4


In this lesson you'll learn:

  • How to build security, identity and belonging in your family and in your children 
  • Narrow and determine a focused group of 5-7 core values used to build family culture 
  • Give common language to guide and lead your family 

Hi! I'm Suzanne Phillips.

My story, the catalyst for my salvation, my pursuit of Jesus and my ministry to parents. The loss of a child will change you. It did that for sure. But it did much more, it saved me. I didn’t know God had a design for parenting when I became one. My ministry and desire to help parents is the overflow of hard fought healing, dedication to learning, a biblical worldview, a willingness to share the “misses' ' so you don’t have to live them and a commitment to share not only the gospel but my whole life. Join me and let’s journey together through your families seasons of life and love. 


Charting Your Family's Future Course




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"I have been beyond blessed to be apart of Suzanne’s moms Bible study and discipleship groups! I’ve never had anyone teach me things she’s taught or pour into me the way she has. She is such a wealth of knowledge and love! You can’t not grow and be stretched in the best way from her teaching and guidance. "

- Erin Grubb

"Suzanne is an amazing teacher and mentor, and I am grateful for her contagious courage that has been fuel to my fire in the fight for my family and children. I’m certain you too will be blessed by Suzanne’s teachings and trainings."

- Ashley Guzman

"I find myself taking notes of everything Suzanne says so that I can REMEMBER her words - they are that good! She is a mama bear for the next generation, and a fierce warrior for bettering the world for our children. She has a strong and confident demeanor about her, and if you know Suzanne, you know that's because she is fully surrendered to Jesus and led by The Holy Spirit. If you have an opportunity to sit under Suzanne's teachings, run, don't walk - your family will be impacted for generations to come because of what Suzanne has to offer."

- Michelle Breen